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What’s Everything Wrong With Online Dating – The UGLY Truth!

While it may seem like the easier way out to give in to the temptation of finding a date online since everybody is doing that these days, it is very important to understand the perils of this online dating world which nobody talks about. Here are ten things why online dating is something which should be tried with a lot of caution:

10 Negative Aspects of Online Dating:

1. Online dating scenario changes every day.

With all the changing algorithms and matching criteria, there is very little in the online dating world that remains unchanged every other second. People who like it slow and steady like it happens in real life can feel caught between these ever-changing dynamics of online dating.

2. You have just a few seconds to respond to somebody.

Online dating keeps you on your toes and wants you to take an action immediately on the matches you get. This can limit your thinking capacity and you might not make a good and logical decision in this hurry and see things superficially. With limited information on member profiles, it becomes even more difficult to gauge a person just by his or her profile.

3. People are not like how you think they are.

Most profiles registered on online dating websites are not the actual portrayal of the person behind these profiles. Most people are posing as someone they are not in order to attract more attention. So you might be interacting with a person you think you might be compatible with but that is not the actual reality.

4. You get rejected online way more times than in real life.

Online dating world works on a very rude and cold manner. People do not catch feelings here and you might face a lot more rejections online as compared to the real dating world. This might leave you feeling unloved or harm your self-esteem in a much bigger way.

5. The dates you find online do not often turn into long-term relationships.

The dates you find online might not last for very long as most youngsters are looking for just some casual fun and not serious meaningful relationships on such platforms. This can be a huge bummer for somebody who is searching for a committal long-term relationship.

6. Most people here are after money.

While you may not like to hear it, but people on online dating platforms are searching for richer partners to support their lifestyle rather than somebody who might not have enough money but is a great person at heart. The richer you are, the more matches you are likely to attract and this is the harsh reality of online dating.

7. It makes people all the more commitment-phobic.

Call it peer pressure or the need for acting cool, online dating makes people behave like they are very casual and cool about dating for some fun but in this process, they actually become more commitment phobic and have issues in their future relationships as well.

8. There are so many scams that it is hard to believe in someone.

Many people are of the opinion that most online dating sites are a huge scam. Most of the member profiles are fake and there is no way to verify if the person you are speaking to has a genuine profile or not. There are many scamsters and sexual offenders also on these dating websites. Some experiences also indicate phishing scams wherein the cards used for paying the membership fee have been used for fraudulent transactions. The trending typical hookup culture if one of the reasons why behind it.

9. It can make a person feel crazy with all the million things going around.

With more than a million members on an average and getting unlimited matches every day, these dating sites can actually make a person go crazy with all the activities and feed on their FOMO. Most people inadvertently keep swiping left or right without even giving a second glance to the profile. This not only undermines the personality of your match but also makes you feel shallow and phony.

10. Online dating is all about marketing yourself as a commodity.

The online dating world feels like a huge marketplace wherein you have to sell yourself every single day. This can bring down your confidence significantly and make you feel used and unappreciated. In this whole process, you might not even feel like continuing the conversation further just because of the sheer amount of efforts it involves to find a good date online.

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