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9 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sexting

You meet a person and become involved with them casually or seriously. You then start exchanging texts and slowly move on to sexting the person. While this may seem completely harmless to you, there are several reasons why you should avoid texting unless you and your partner are completely comfortable with each other and know each other since a long time. Here are some of those reasons:

1. You never know who is sitting behind the screen.

You might be sending a text to your boyfriend or a person you are involved with but it can be accidentally sent to somebody else or somebody you are not supposed to send it to. This can have huge consequences as your photo might end up with sexual predators that can leak it online and make it go viral. This can damage your reputation in a bad way and you will repent this decision forever as your friends and family will also look down upon you.

2. The person you are sexting with might not end up being with you forever.

This is specifically the case when young people sext with each other. They are fresh into the dating scene and want to date anybody and everybody they can find. They are not mature enough to understand the cons of sexting and can be gullible enough to share inappropriate photos with their partners. These relationships do not last for a lifetime and can become a cause of shame as the person you are sharing your photos with might not be mature enough to keep them to himself or herself.

3. It makes you feel vulnerable and used.

Sexting can leave a huge emotional gap in your mind. It makes you feel vulnerable as your body is exposed and put on the internet. You might feel used but do not want to hurt the other person or come across as an uncool person so you submit to the requests but this can also affect your personality in ways that might be difficult for you to figure out at this stage.

4. It lingers in the online cyberspace forever and can be used against you.

Anything that it put on the internet remains there forever and everybody should know that. It can lead to blackmails by unknown people and can be used in any way against you to damage your reputation. This is one of the worst disadvantages of sexting and can have huge consequences. Even if you search for a job and your prospective employer does a background check on you, these pictures can come up and ruin your chances of getting your dream job.

5. The picture can be morphed if somebody catches hold of it.

If the picture you are sending to somebody else has your face on it, it can easily be morphed into something else without your permission so even if the picture is not extremely graphic, send pictures of yourself to your trusted contacts only. Online morphing is a very lucrative fraud and you never know where your pictures might end up.

6. Sexting can reduce the passion of real sex and can desensitize the person to real pleasures.

Too much sexting can also reduce your sensitivity to real sex as you have seen too much of the other person to take pleasure in real sex anymore. This can be a dampener if the other person is very much interested in sex but you are not very eager as there is nothing left for the imagination.

7. It can be damaging for your relationship.

Sexting can affect your relationship in more ways than one. It can lead to a lack of attachment and intimacy and can also make you less interested in your partner. If you sext every day, the real romance dies and these sexts no longer appeal to your partner as he or she sees them every day.

8. Sexting can make you look more desperate than you actually are.

Asking for raunchy photos or sexts from your partner can make you look desperate if you both do not know each other that well or are not yet comfortable with each other. This can create a wedge in your relationship and push the person away even before the actual relationship starts its course.

9. It can land you in jail.

Storing inappropriate photos of people below the age of 18 or asking them for such photographs is a criminal offence and can land you up in jail. Be careful with what you ask for or store in your phone and make sure that the person on the other side of the screen is comfortable with sexting and has consented for it.

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