What’s Everything Wrong With Online Dating – The UGLY Truth!

While it may seem like the easier way out to give in to the temptation of finding a date online since everybody is doing that these days, it is very important to understand the perils of this online dating world which nobody talks about. Here are ten things why online dating is something which should be tried with a lot of caution:

10 Negative Aspects of Online Dating:

1. Online dating scenario changes every day.

With all the changing algorithms …

RANT: How Tinder Ruined Our Dating Culture So BAD!

Remember the times when you actually approached a boy or a girl to ask them out on a date after gathering all your courage? Dating, 3 to 4 years ago, was something that required efforts from both sides. It was not all about sex and people actually wanted to learn more about the other person and had a meaningful goal in mind.

With the introduction of hookup apps and apps like Tinder, people do not even have to pretend that …

9 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sexting

You meet a person and become involved with them casually or seriously. You then start exchanging texts and slowly move on to sexting the person. While this may seem completely harmless to you, there are several reasons why you should avoid texting unless you and your partner are completely comfortable with each other and know each other since a long time. Here are some of those reasons:

1. You never know who is sitting behind the screen.

You might be …

Blue is the Warmest Color
10 Best Love Netflix Movies to Watch This Weekend!

Netflix and Chill has a got a whole new meaning these days. Couples love to cuddle up together in bed and watch movies on a roll after a long week at work and avoid stepping outside now that the cold has set in. If you are planning to watch some romantic movies together on Netflix, here are 10 love Netflix movies to watch this weekend:

1. Love Actually

Starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, and Emma Thompson, Love Actually …

hookup culture in america affecting youth
How the Hookup Culture is Affecting America’s Youth

When we talk about the dating scene in America, the singles of the country are more or less going in the same direction. They are all too engrossed in the hook-up culture that comprises of casual sex and booze without any feeling of love or commitment from the other person. While this may seem like the convenient way out, there are many ways in which the hook-up culture is affecting America’s youth:

It is desensitizing youth towards actual love and